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I help personal trainers & strength coaches understand how they can create websites to share and monetize their content, so they can develop other revenue streams.


Trainers and coaches incomes are restricted by the amount of hours in a day.


All the high quality trainers and coaches I have been fortunate to know, have developed their own material, either to share with other trainers/coaches or their clients.


To take control of the situation and to develop online content that is always online for trainers/coaches or clients to purchase.

Let your voice be heard?


Hybrid Gym LA

I highly recommend Dieter and his work if you are looking to either take your business online or build an online platform.

We approached Dieter looking to build an eCommerce platform to sell our online training products. Dieter did an excellent job of keeping things simple and easy to use with clear and precise product placement, Dieter also helped to build out our online education portal this work included everything from presenting and editing the lectures to creating an easy to follow format for students to follow online.

Dieter is super easy to work with and his vast experience in the fitness industry is a massive plus, if you are in the fitness space I'd highly recommend choosing Dieter over a digital company that doesn't understand the fitness market to help you build your online product.

We will be continuing to work with Dieter long term as we build our online offering, Dieter offers the complete package I highly recommend his services

Povey Performance Melbourne

When I was looking for someone to rebuild our website and develop an online educational solution for our content, for me there was no better choice than Dieter.

With his wealth of experience and success as a coach he not only understands the industry, but he is able to specifically tailor your website towards your ideal clientele/customer.

This is the best performing website I have ever had, plus he was able to create an awesome online educational platform for us, to which we will continually build and grow together.

Dieter is easy to work with and always wants nothing more than the best for you.

I could not recommend him enough.

Get in front of the camera.


With only a certain amount of training hours for clients and athletes, how can you make a passive income and what could you offer?

Low Tier


Monthly Webinar Subscriptions

Mid Tier


2-4 Hour Mini Courses

High Tier


Online Courses



Mentorship Programs

How it works

1. Apply

Enter your details, let me know where you are at and what you are planning on achieving.

2. Zoom

We will get on a Zoom call and discuss your design ideas and most importantly what you are looking at achieving.

3. Design

Once we have finished our Zoom call I will provide you with a mock-up of the design ideas we discussed within 48 hours.

4. Sell

Once you approve the design, the full development of your site proceeds and once completed you are ready to sell online & create a passive income.

About Agency 4567

Is the brainchild of Dieter Roylance born out of the necessity to pivot and change when Covid-19 shut down many industries. Although Dieter was already in the process of transferring out of having a gym as a physical location. He was very fortunate to not get caught as so many others did with the many lockdowns that happened around the world.

Most people with best know Dieter as Hugh Jackman’s trainer or coach to Summer and Olympic medal winning athletes.  Very few people know that he is a bit of technology nerd and has always had a passion and kept up with new technologies since he was in High School.

Dieter spent the majority of Covid-19 lockdowns investing in studying digital marketing, app development, and website design. Now you can leverage the knowledge of someone who has been in the health, fitness and sports industry for 30 years and he can apply it now to the digital world, giving you the best of both worlds.

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