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Customized Programs

FEAK.AI builds strength and energy system workouts that fit your athletes performance goals, no matter the training phase they are in.

Track Progress

FEAK.AI allows you to record all your athlete's training session, as nothing is more vital than tracking an athlete's progress.

Hear What FEAK Coaches Think

“In my extensive career working with Olympic and elite athletes across various disciplines, I’ve encountered numerous training tools. Yet, Feak stands apart for its precision and adaptability in strength and power coaching. Its integration of cutting-edge data analysis within an intuitive framework significantly streamlines the training process, making it indispensable in my roles at Lindisfarne Anglican Grammar and Bond University Swimming.

Feak’s evidence-based approach mirrors my own, offering a solid foundation for developing high-performance strategies that are both innovative and effective. For coaches committed to achieving excellence, Feak is an essential resource, providing insights that are as actionable as they are valuable. Its impact on my coaching methods has been profound, revolutionizing how I enhance athlete performance. Feak is truly a game-changer in the realm of sports performance.”

Dr. Joseph Coyne, PhD

Director of High Performance and Sports Development, Lindisfarne Anglican Grammar
Strength and Power Coach, Bond University Swimming